The Students

Dulce, a sophomore and two-time class president, participates in numerous extra curricular clubs and is a news reporter for the bilingual school paper. Along with journalism, she is interested in politics and science. Her father works at Farmland Foods. and her mother left Farmland, learned English and is now a receptionist and interpreter for Crete Public Schools. Dulce’s sister attends the University of Nebraska-Kearney and her brother serves in the Marines.

Marco, has two jobs, many friends, and excellent grades. His experience as a bank teller and German language skills have drawn him International Business, which he anticipates to be his college major. His parents work at Farmland Foods. He has two younger sisters, and he currently attends the University of Nebraska-Omaha.

Melisa, the middle child of six siblings, is the first in her family to graduate high school. To save money for college, the fall semester of her senior year she worked nights at the cold storage plant where both parents and an older sister work. She is a strong individual and hopes to become a paralegal.

Maira, a senior and homecoming queen candidate, is smart and passionate. She has two younger brothers, one of whom she babysits devotedly. She now attends the University of Nebraska-Kearney where she is pursuing a degree in Education. She plans on returning to Crete to be a an ELL and English teacher. Her parents work at Farmland Foods.

Francisco, whose father lives in Mexico, helps support his mother and younger sister. He was elected president of the Crete chapter of National Honor Society. He is very humorous and active in many extra curricular clubs. His mother works at Farmland Foods and is pursuing a GED through their program. He currently attends the University of Nebraska-Kearney.

Sonia, a teen mother living with her boyfriend, is a soft-spoken, passionate role model for the world. She moved to Crete from Minnesota her senior year, which she completed with honors and scholarships. She attends the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and hopes to become a physician’s assistant.

The Filmmakers

Brent Meier is from Aurora, Nebraska. He received his BFA in 2006 from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. He makes art, music, documentaries and friends. In 2009, he made the documentary Cuba: La Solidaridad. He currently lives in Washington, DC.

Elisabeth Reinkordt is a documentary filmmaker from Lincoln, NE. She received her B.A. from Brown University, where she debut Living With The Land: Sustainable Agriculture in Nebraska, and returned to her home state in 2005. She can often be found combining her love for cameras with her love for bicycles.